Our Philosophy

Breezy Organic is a persnickery snackery! We strive to be a source of organic comfort and delicious joy for the Somerset Hills NJ health conscious consumer. We serve made-to-order breakfast, lunch, fresh juices, serious smoothies and lots of energy filled snacks to grab-and-go.

Our food is prepared on premises with love and care for the highest nutritional content. Our ingredients are local, fresh and of course - ORGANIC. Come visit, learn and take a breath of fresh air - CLEAN FOOD!!! Find us at Bernardsville Centre, right next to Kings Supermarket, Bernardsville, Somerset County, NJ.

Breezy focuses on healthy vegetarian cuisine so to deliver optimal nutrition for its customers. All our juices and smoothies use raw, whole, organic produce unprocessed and FRESH fruits and vegetables for maximum benefit. Our breakfast and lunch menu is small but carefully selected and made with the highest quality ingredients. (ALL OUR FOOD IS MADE FROM SCRATCH, IN HOUSE). Our fresh yogurt, frozen yogurt, gelato, and custard are made from Lancaster grass fed cow milk, yogurt, and cream. We have local items, green products, snacks, bottled drinks, supplements, retail items, and lots more. Come in and explore extraordinary clean food and products.

My Story


Brenda Curnin

Yes, I am a healthy food fanatic! I admit it – a food freak- passionate about teaching people the importance of eating the proper diet for them – as everyone is different.

I started my education over 10 years ago when my husband had an immune system crash brought on by Lyme Disease. Converntional medicine had no idea how to "fix" his pain and litany of chronic symptoms. Through homeopathic medicine providers, he changed his lifestyle, diet, supplements, and sleep – and recovered fully but it took several years of dedicated attention.

Today, it is rare to find truly healthy people without some kind of chronic symptom! Why should adults or often children live with chronic health issues? So many of these so called "diseases" are 100% preventable. I hope Breezy Organic Snackery can help people down this road to a slimmer, healthier, happier body.

Meet Our Staff



Manager & Healthy Lifestyle Advocate

Kitchen Staff & Fabulous Juicers:


Jennifer, Rocio, Michelle, Kezia, Neelam

Breezy Organic Snackery ... For those who care about the ingredients in their food and how it was produced – save the planet – buy organic.